Chickpea Stew and Coconut Green Juice

As we move into our third week of social distancing, I know it can be a little more difficult to keep up with our healthy routines. Trust me, I am with you! I have been enjoying many more treats than I normally would and I certainly have not been feeling my best.

However, as a Holistic Nutritionist, I like to focus on the importance of achieving balance by listening to our bodies and doing what feels right. I want to remind you that having treats is okay, especially during these uncertain times; While we don’t want to overdo it, we also don’t want to totally restrict ourselves, either. Instead, we want to focus on incorporating lots of other nutritious foods as a way to help keep our bodies in balance.

For me, this means upping my intake of vegetables, especially leafy greens. As you know, smoothies are one of my favourite ways to sneak in some extra greens, and the first recipe I shared is a blended green juice that does just that – It tastes delicious while also being loaded with greens and antioxidants. I like to drink this as an afternoon snack, but it also makes a great addition to breakfast!

The second recipe is a hearty, comforting stew that is perfect for times like these. It calls for minimal (and inexpensive) ingredients, many of which are non-perishable items that are likely already in your pantry. I like to serve it with a side of quinoa or brown rice, but it is equally delicious on it’s own as well!

I hope you enjoy my recipes. Stay tuned for more next week!


Emily Dawson RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Emily Dawson RHN

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