Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history of successful treatment for many disorders. It is a 2,000 year old professional medical system which excels in the realm of acute and chronic ailments. TCM treats each person individually, taking into account the whole pattern of the patient’s physical and mental-emotional symptoms. Every sign and symptom is understood and interpreted in relation to all the others.

One of the greatest benefits of treating health disorders with TCM is the absence of unwanted side effects. This is mainly due to the fact that treatments are specifically tailored to each person. Any mild side effects that may arise in the initial stages of an herbal treatment can be easily corrected by adjusting the formula used.

Our Naturopathic and Natural Practitioners may choose to use acupuncture in addition to herbal and/or homeopathic medicine, dietary suggestions and lifestyle changes in order to formulate the most effective treatment plan to help you obtain your desired health outcome.

If you are looking for acupuncture on Danforth Avenue or in the city of Toronto, drop by, book an appointment online, or call us at 416-461-8688 to find out how acupuncture can help you get your body back into balance.


NEW AcuGraph Service

Want to SEE how your organ systems are performing and compare them to historical results? With the all-new AcuGraph Acupuncture Technology system at Inspired Life Health Centre, you can now have it as an addition to your acupuncture session.
This service may not be available at this time. Please call Inspired Life Collective for more information.

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