Post Pregnancy Massage

By Jennifer Abbotts, RMT

Massage makes so much sense when you’re body is aching from the extra work and changes associated with pregnancy, but most people don’t think about the benefits of getting massage AFTER the baby is born.

Here’s a list of great reasons to get a massage after the little one arrives:

1. After giving birth, clients have reported feeling scattered to the four winds. A massage within a week or two of giving birth brought them back into their bodies, feeling refreshed and more themselves.

2. Birth is a big event that is often stressful on the body, rendering it stiff and on high alert. Massage relaxes and relieves muscle tension that may not have left after the experience.

3. After pregnancy, hormones are rebalancing and massage can help this process. Research shows that massage decreases stress hormones and encourages the release of hormones related to relaxation and improved sleep.

4. Carrying a little person around is hard on the arms. A massage helps relax those tired, achy muscles.

5. Parents need a time out. Taking a break in a dimly lit room with soothing music on a comfortable table while someone eases your aches and pains – sounds like a great reset button to me, how about you?

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