The No Nonsense Discussion on Vaccinations

Since its inception, vaccines have been considered one of modern medicine’s miracle breakthroughs. Increasingly, the media has adopted the virtues of vaccinating, but rarely, if ever, are the consequences or side effects of vaccinating considered though there is a sufficient amount to be concerned about.

It should be noted that when you vaccinate, you are delivering toxic substances directly into the blood stream, usually to an infant who’s immune and nervous systems have not fully developed yet. Some toxins used in vaccines include aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and ethylene glycol (also known as antifreeze) as well as the disease substance itself, for example, Polio, Hepatitis, and Pertusis.

Under ideal circumstances, the body responds by processing the disease substance to teach the immune system to recognize the disease. This is designed to confer immunity to the specific substance upon potential future infections. Though this sounds like a model situation, your body must still take care of the toxins themselves. Vaccine reactions can vary from none to mild reactions such as hives, swelling and fever to more severe reactions such as collapse, convulsions or even encephalopathy (“disease of the brain”). The consequence of an adverse reaction is a disease tendency called vaccinosis, a disease which has its roots in the process of vaccination.

If choosing to vaccinate, do understand that there are real issues to be aware of. Mercury sensitivity/toxicity, and intensified disease tendencies like Alzheimer’s disease and allergies. If you choose not to vaccinate, you also have to realize that you are responsible for your child’s immune system and overall state of health. You will also have to educate yourself to the local laws within your city, province or country as you may encounter some roadblocks from education and daycare facilities.

Difficult but well informed decisions are necessary. Please make sure to find out all the information you can on vaccinations and then choose wisely.

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