10-Day Group Transformation - Starts on April 26, 2019

Feel and look great in just 10-days!

Join the Inspired Life Health Centre Team on a 10-day journey to health and wellness with the 10-Day Group Transformation – An all new approach to a HEALTHY, VIBRANT BODY.

As a participant in this group cleanse, you’ll need to purchase a 10-day Transformation Kit from Inspired Life Health Centre and have it ready for the start date. Simply pre-order your kit online or in-person and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up at Inspired Life Health Centre.

What You’ll Get When You Join the Group Transformation

  • Power Shake (30 servings)
  • Master Amino Acid Pattern (150 tablets)
  • Apothe Cherry – tart cherry concentrate (15-20 servings)
  • Access to a private support group on Facebook, monitored by Inspired Life Health Centre practitioners and staff
  •  Future discounts on products to continue your healthy journey


  • Live information webinar – April 5th @ 7PM
  • Preorder/registration deadline – April 15th @ 5AM
  • Live online group Q&A session – April 24th @ 7PM
  • Day 1 of the Group Transformation – April 26th (start of day)
  • Day 10 of the Group Transformation – April May 5th (end of day)

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What is the 10-Day Transformation?

The Ultimate Detoxification Protocol

Cleanse your body at the cellular level and experience greater clarity of mind, body and spirit.  Through the use of nutrient dense super foods, your body will be able to release toxins at a deep level and at a faster rate than other conventional cleanses.  By our proven process, your organs systems will be able to start functioning more efficiently and provide your body with the necessary elements to perform at optimal levels.  You will feel the difference within the first few days.

Reset Your Metabolism

Kickstart your system for optimal energy production!  By eliminating deep rooted toxins and supporting proper organ function over the 10 days, your body will naturally begin to reshape itself.  Your metabolism will be reset and you will feel more balanced and energized than you have in years.

Eliminate Your Cravings

Take charge of your diet!  Stop the cycle of mindless eating and easily transition into new healthy habits by taking control of your daily routines.  With our program, not only will your cravings diminish, but many people have reported that they simply no longer have any cravings at all.  And after the 10 day program, we will teach you how to maintain those great results by coaching you ever step of the way.

Reduce Inflammation

Eliminate pain and discomfort.  As you clear toxins from your cells, your tissues will be able to repair themselves at a more rapid rate.  This will lead to reduced inflammation and stronger tissues and bones.  Say good-bye to aches and pain and hello to strength and endurance.

Increase Your Energy

Become stronger, happier and full of life.  Harness the power of all natural, plant-based, nutrient dense, organic super foods and give your body what it truly desires … NUTRIENTS!  Once this has been accomplished, you will start to feel alive again.

Release Weight

Shed 5 to 20 pounds within 10 days - whatever your body needs to release it will have the best chance of doing so with this program.  Experience remarkable weight loss through this healthy transformation program and feel more confident in yourself.