10-Day Transformation Program

Welcome to the 10 Day Transformation An all new approach to a HEALTHY, VIBRANT BODY.

Imagine yourself feeling more energetic, lighter and pain free. It is possible! We’ve helped so many people accomplish this major feat with ease and simplicity. Having a healthier body doesn’t have to take long with this revolutionary new program that we have developed.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why This is The Best Healthy Body Weight Loss and Detox Program For You:

#1 – The Ultimate Detoxification Protocol

Cleanse your body at the cellular level and experience greater clarity of mind, body and spirit.  Through the use of nutrient dense super foods, your body will be able to release toxins at a deep level and at a faster rate than other conventional cleanses.  By our proven process, your organs systems will be able to start functioning more efficiently and provide your body with the necessary elements to perform at optimal levels.  You will feel the difference within the first few days.

#2 – Reset Your Metabolism

Kickstart your system for optimal energy production!  By eliminating deep rooted toxins and supporting proper organ function over the 10 days, your body will naturally begin to reshape itself.  Your metabolism will be reset and you will feel more balanced and energized than you have in years.

#3 – Eliminate Your Cravings

Take charge of your diet!  Stop the cycle of mindless eating and easily transition into new healthy habits by taking control of your daily routines.  With our program, not only will your cravings diminish, but many people have reported that they simply no longer have any cravings at all.  And after the 10 day program, we will teach you how to maintain those great results by coaching you ever step of the way.

#4 – Reduce Inflammation

Eliminate pain and discomfort.  As you clear toxins from your cells, your tissues will be able to repair themselves at a more rapid rate.  This will lead to reduced inflammation and stronger tissues and bones.  Say good-bye to aches and pain and hello to strength and endurance.

#5 – Increase Your Energy

Become stronger, happier and full of life.  Harness the power of all natural, plant-based, nutrient dense, organic super foods and give your body what it truly desires … NUTRIENTS!  Once this has been accomplished, you will start to feel alive again.

#6 – Release Weight

Shed 5 to 20 pounds within 10 days.  Experience remarkable weight loss through this healthy transformation program and feel more confident in yourself.

How Do We Achieve So Much Success With This Simple 10-Day Program?

  1. It’s simple to do
  2. It’s only 10 days
  3. It’s cost effective
  4. You’re fully supported

The 10-Day Transformation is the EASIEST weight loss and detox program to follow. You’re simply replacing your normal meals with nutrient-dense superfood shakes, made from organic vegetables and other nutritious foods. In order to maintain tissue and muscle strength, you will also be taking an amino acid supplement that has been proven to be 99% absorbable and add zero stress or toxicity to the body. As you detoxify your body and bring in an abundance of nutrients, your body shifts into fat-burning mode, shedding anywhere from 5 to 20lbs in a SAFE and HEALTHY manner.

What is the Gluten-Free Nutrient Dense Shake Made of?

The nutrient-dense gluten-free superfood shake is made up of natural and organic vegetable sources including:

  • Rice bran solubles
  • Organic carrot juice powder
  • Organic spirulina
  • Organic wheat grass juice powder
  • Organic oat grass juice powder
  • Organic alfalfa leaf juice powder

All of these foods are cultivated on a Certified Organic and GMP Certified farm in southern California, and are thoroughly tested before being introduced to the manufacturing process.

How Often Can I Repeat the Program?

The 10-Day Transformation can be safely repeated until you reach your Healthy Body goals. Because this is not a starvation program, your body will actually be getting everything that it needs to thrive and be stronger each and every day you are on the program.

Is this an Expensive Program?

While most other weight loss and detox programs can cost you anywhere from $97 per pound, up to over $500 per pound, that you lose, this program actually doesn’t cost you much, if anything at all. This is because this program contains everything you’ll be consuming for 10 days. Most individuals consume anywhere from $20 to $30 per day in food, drink and snacks, and the cost of this program is less than $300 before taxes, so your cost will be no more than what you would have spent already!

Will I Keep the Weight Off Afterwards?

Like all weight loss programs, what you were doing prior to starting is what got you there in the first place. The challenge that many people face is that “old habits die hard,” meaning that many people usually find that snacking and unhealthy eating creeps back into their daily lives because the cravings were just too strong. Our philosophy on cravings is that they mainly exist due to nutritional imbalance within the body. So when we balance the body nutritionally, cravings subside. And as we continue to keep the body maintained in a healthy manner, cravings are ELIMINATED. With the 10-Day Transformation, we’ll be giving your body more than enough nutrients, thus giving your body the best chance to kick habits and cravings to the curb permanently. On your 10-Day journey, you’ll also be supported on a daily basis through daily support audios as well as a 10-Day Transformation Support Guide that contains information and instructions on how to complete the 10-Day Transformation successfully, as well as how to best re-introduce healthy foods back into your diet.

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Real Testimonials from Real People

Sylvie has found a new relationship with food and got inspired to run a 10km race!

After completing the 10 Day Transformation, I can simply say “WOW!”. Thank you so much for introducing me to these nutrient-dense superfoods, slow burning carbs and highly-digestible proteins and healthy fats.

I’m on a journey to transform myself to be exemplary to myself and others. After seeing many of my friends and mentors succeeding at this 10 Day Transformation, I’ve decided it was time to challenge myself and DO IT! My main goal was to get back more energy, re-set my body and find out what’s my TRUE relationship with food!

The result is so much more and deeper than that! On top of achieving my goals, I’ve realized that I have a loving and respectful relationship with food. I felt completely nourished every single day. I have discovered a new level of peace within me. I have been exemplary to myself. I am so proud and feel so empowered! After reducing 8.4 pounds and 8 inches from my body, I now feel ready to start training for my 10km race in‪ California‬ in Fall 2014. Anyone wants to come and race with me?

Brandy’s husband released 16lbs in just 10 days!

Check out my hubby!!! So proud of him, he completed his 10-Day Transformation and lost 16 pounds in 10 days. He rocked his 10 days like a champ!!! In his words he feels “clean, more energy and his keens feel better when when he plays ball.” He even said, that to him, weight loss is just extra, the best part is that he’s doing something for his health. 10 days to get off of those heavy meats, fats, oils and processed foods and feed your body nutrient dense green superfoods and antioxidants!

Rana fit back into her dresses again!

Yay!! I can finally fit into my dresses again!!! And thank god I can fit into the dress I am wearing to the wedding (no not my wedding) lol. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when I feel comfortable in my body again. My whole energy changes. 10 days on the cleanse truly has transformed my life! #‎grateful‬‪#‎10daytransformation‬ ‪#‎feelingsexy‬

Angie can see a whole new life of positive changes!

Going strong at the end of day 7. Feeling light and energetic. Cravings down. Feeling like I can conquer anything. Best of all down 7 lbs in 6 days!

Jacki’s personal challenge with Hyperhidrosis has been eliminated since doing the 10 Day Transformation!

We’ve been so inspired by Jacki’s story! She used to suffer from Hyperhidrosis and couldn’t wear certain clothes or even hug people freely without feeling self-conscious. Seven months ago, she did the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation and has been dry since the fourth day of her cleanse. Transformations aren’t just about weight loss…they’re about being healthy and treating your body right. Congrats, Jacki!

Kimberly is truly amazed at how much more natural energy she has throughout the day and is only on Day 4!

I am truly blown away at how I am feeling on day four of my cleans. This is my very first one ever and yesterday, day 3 I had to work 12 hours standing all day. So by the next day EVERY TIME I would be in bed after I drop my girls off to school and sleep from 10:00 till 2:00 because I was so tired from the day before. This went on for four months until today! I have energy and I am AMAZED at how good I feel. Not tired and have been on the go since I got up at 8:15 am.

Amy shed 7 lbs and has more energy after completing her transformation!

I am down 7 pounds. I feel great, more energy, better sleep and so far I am not craving my typical carbs and pasta. I plan to continue with one shake a day. I would definitely do the cleanse again.

Kim rocked her transformation!

10 day cleanse…done! down 6 lbs, 1 inch from my stomach, 1/2 inch from my arm, 1/4 inch from my thigh, down 1.1% body fat, 1 pt from BMI. I am energetic, stronger in mind, and proud.

Chris and his wife did the 10 Day Transformation together and both had great results!

Done! We did it, but only because we did it together. [My wife] did awesome. She lost a total of 8 pounds and 5 1/8 inches! Her pictures really show a huge difference, much more than the numbers. I am very proud of her. And my results…down 14 pounds and 7 1/4 inches. The last couple days were tougher for me than the beginning. I really wanted to eat more food – perhaps due to my workouts. But we did it. I think getting lots of sleep is really important with this, and that is generally hard for us with our kids and work schedules. My pictures are less dramatic than my wife’s, but we are both really motivated to keep eating clean and continuing what we started.

B.M. released 7.8lbs in just 3 days, and she’s still not finished yet!

Holy cow! So I told myself that I would only post on the page on days that I saw a difference in my weight, well day 4 of the transformation has begun and I have lost another 2 pounds! That’s 7.8 pounds of toxins gone in just 3 full days! Can’t believe I was carrying so much gunk around in my body, loving this program and how it heals and nourishes from within!

C.P. just started and is feeling the benefits!

At night, I usually pour myself a small glass of red wine and relax with a good book. Last night, I mixed the Apothe-Cherry with filtered water, poured it into a wine glass and sipped that instead. It was really delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. I can easily see that becoming my new night time ritual even after I finish the Transformation Cleanse. Today is Day 2 of my cleanse. I was wide awake at 4 AM this morning, feeling well rested and FANTASTIC – like I could run a marathon. That’s just one day. Imagine how I will feel after 10 days? I am loving this!

Rosalie S. had an amazing transformation!

I am very happy to tell everyone the following!!!!!

It’s day 10 of the Transformation back to being healthy and the last day of this transformation! I am sure I will do it again. It has done such wonders to my body and I can’t believe how good this experience has made me feel. I have been getting headaches and migraines since I was 11 years old and have not had a single headache during the entire 10 day period. I am totally amazed. Also the pain in my back that I have been experiencing for a while is gone! Gone is the pain in my hands from arthritis! No more Cortisone shots! That is a miracle for me. It just proves that proper eating and giving your body a rest or giving your body a vacation from your usual eating habits will make a huge differene in your life. I would have never believed it if I didn’t go on the Transformation to being healthy or didn’t know that I had the power to do it! Now I could say that I HAVE THE POWER! and feel great!

Lynette A. shares her life changing story!

I’m now experiencing “a new lease on life”! I’m detoxing and de-aging with green foods a little at a time. I’m about to begin my third 10 Day Transformation cleanse. My actual practice goes something like this: I now do a cleanse about every 2 or 3 months. I was in serious trouble with my health. I now realize how easy and gentle detoxing can be with this system and how it works (for me) slowly but regularly detoxing me day by day, week by week and so on. I’m loving the quality of life it’s bringing back to me. Much less pain–which I had grown used to as a daily thing. Much less fatigue–which I had also experienced daily. Much more energy and enthusiasm. In between cleanses I’m doing one or two shakes a day followed in 2 hours with 5 aminos each time and the cherry drink in the evening. I do a lot of the flex foods, which I have expanded on to include my favorite delicious Greek salad, cucumber slices with sesame tahini- which I happen to love, apple slices dipped in a lovely healthy fondue dessert made with Mesquite powder, black sesame tahini and coconut oil. This is making a big difference in how I feel–and believe me I’ve done lots of back and forth before I was able to really settle into the new healthy food choices. I now realize how often I ate for emotional reasons. Wow.

Matt S. lost 30lbs in just 10 days!

MY CLEANSE IS COMPLETE!!!! Down 30 lbs in 10 days. The results are definitely something to be thankful for. Here are some things I’m very thankful for and the list is quite long.
1. 30 lbs gone obviously #1
2. Lost 6 inches of stomach fat
3. Lost 2 inches on my waist
4. Lost a full inch on my neck
5. Full inch of fat on each arm
6. My snoring is completely gone according to my wife
7. Clothes fit again
8. Aches and pains gone
9. Bloating and abdominal discomfort is non existent
10. Did not lose any inches on my thighs or calves and heres why that is a great thing. STATISTICALLY Typical men store the most body fat in their midsections. Women in their hips thighs and butts. I climb ladders all day every day so my legs were the only place on my body that werent carrying a bunch of fat. So one of my concerns on this program was fat loss vs muscle loss. THIS CLEANSE DIRECTLY ATTACKS BODY FAT WHEREEVER IT’S AT ON YOUR BODY WHILE NOT COMPRIMSING MUSCLE MASS.
11. I must be sleeping better because im waking up more rested and not “dragging” myself out of bed. Everyday for the last 5 days ive waken up BEFORE my alarm…and that hadnt happened in years.
12. This huge weight loss is exactly the kickstart I need to start heading toward my exercise goals. Lets face it at 255 I wasnt running anywhere on my treadmill without damaging my back knees etc not to mention the extra work put on all my organs when they are engulfed in visceral abdominal fat, but at 225 I have a new perspective and ability to get started. ALL OF THAT IN 10 DAYS, not P90x, not 60 day challenge, not even close to 30 days….10 SHORT DAYS OF MY LIFE. WORTH EVERY BIT OF SACRIFICE.

Heather S. final results!

Just finished a 10 day transformation yesterday! Shed pounds and inches, feeling amazing with increased energy and focus!

Danielle W. lost 13lbs and 6 inches!

I had just gotten unexpectedly laid off from my job, but I threw caution to the wind and bought the 10 Day Transformation, and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. I feel wonderful and just ordered another. I feel like I am going to achieve my health dreams because of this program. The is the catalyst to me becoming the very best version of me!

Kyle B. lost 20.4lbs and 3.5 inches!

Once I overcame my sugar and coffee cravings, it was smooth sailing on to the end. I now know that if I put my mind to something I can achieve it, even when the going gets tough!

Kelly G’s updated results!

So, an update on weight and inches lost since mid-June:
weight. -18 lbs.
bust. -6 inches
waist. -5 inches
abs @ belly button -5 inches
hips. -3.5 inches
thighs. – 2.5 inches ea
calves. -2 inches ea
no longer pre-diabetic, no snoring, no allergies, unbelievable energy and mental clarity and focus. 21 days’ cleanse so far (1st 10 days; 2nd 6 days; 3rd 5 days). Currently maintaining 15-18 lb weight loss. 12 more to go.

Bart C. released 9.1lbs and 4.5″ and has decided to do another 10 Day Transformation!

Here my results:

Weight 175.4. now – 167.3
Chest 39.5 now- 39
Waist 38 now – 35
Hip 35 now 34

I loss total of 9.1 lbs & 4.5 inches . Now I’m starting a 2nd rd of the 10 day challenge .

Kelly G. is NO LONGER pre-diabetic!

Got excellent news from my doc today…after waiting 40 min to see him. He told me to keep doing what I’m doing…my numbers are normal and I am officially NO LONGER pre-diabetic! WOOO HOOOO!

H.C. has solved her health challenges and now discovered the perfect foods for herself – all in 30 days!

I’ve spent 2 years on a highly restrictive diet due to unresolved GI issues. Even though my GI issues subsided, I acquired secondary illnesses and symptoms; one of them being Reynauds disease. After 30 days on the extended program I am shocked by the results. I felt great throughout and got relief from chronic pain after only a few days! There has been a huge improvement in my GI distress and energy levels. The most amazing part for me was the food re-introduction phase on days 11-30. I am now able to eat foods that I’ve had to avoid for years and thought I’d never be able to eat again! I am also a lot more aware of which foods bother me.

M.M. released 3pounds and 8″ overall

I found the 10 Day Transformation was not only successful but educational helping me know my weak spots therefore becoming more focused and positive about future changes.  I decided to wait until the last day to check my weight and inches and am pleased I lost 3 lbs and 8″ overall.  Looking forward to a new way of grocery shopping and lifestyle choices!

Lori F. released 10 pounds, 3″ overall and fit into her skinny jeans again in just 10 days!

I have lost 10 pounds and 3 inches overall. I wish I had before and after pictures but I can tell you I pulled a pair of skinny jeans from the closet and they did fit!

Now I know you’re thinking well you are just going to gain it back when you pig out this week but I am not going to head down that path. My cravings are actually gone and I haven’t felt this good in many many months. I don’t want to ruin that. If you have been reading my blog you know that I have an autoimmune disease, used to be a competitive fitness model and have tried a juice cleanse in the past. This is different.

I can’t really say enough good things about it and while I lost wait – it was so much more. I feel like my old self with tonnes of energy and just a happier disposition. I am looking forward to becoming more active again and continuing with a better lifestyle. If you want real proof though – My boyfriend decided to do it after seeing how great it made me feel. He is on Day 2!

Paul B. released 19 pounds and 9 inches in less than 10 days!

A big thank you to my good friend Daniel Chiang, owner of Inspired Life Health Centre in Toronto. Daniel had me start the “10 Day Transformation” Diet. I am currently finishing Day 9. It is a very healthy diet and has helped me reach my NY resolution. In 9 days I have lost 19 pounds, going from 224 to 205 pounds, and 9 inches off my chest, waist and hips. If you’re looking for a healthy way to lose a few pounds, this is the way to go. This is not a fad diet as Daniel is a true professional.

Charles T. changed his life and lost an amazing 71 pounds in 6 weeks!

Towards the end of August 2013 I became quite Ill, I actually thought I was having a heart attack but was later diagnosed with Gallbladder Disease. Gall stones in the common Bile duct and gallbladder. I started reading into causes and effects of gallbladder disease, myths of why we need one and actually having it removed. A little about myself first. I am a 49 year old male, I weighted in at 242 lbs and had a waist size of 42″+++ with the excess overflow over the belt and pants, high levels of uric acid and was working my way to type 2 diabetes as well as heart disease. I ate poorly if I ate at all and of course all the wrong foods when I did eat. I fancied fast food and how friends describe me and my eating habits, in short I loved beige….Code word for cookies and sweets from the coffee truck!!!  and I work in the entertainment industry.

I was wondering around the carrot common after seeing my family Dr. and I stopped out front of Inspired Life Health Centre and that little bird on my shoulder persisted in bothering me until I went in and inquired about some services they offered. I spent a few days reading the web site and finally made the big commitment as I didn’t want to have evasive surgery to remove an organ that really shouldn’t be removed in the first place. I had been having sever gallbladder attacks almost daily and I was already on the band wagon several weeks prior with changing my diet, re learning to eat and reeducation myself  but was having a mountain of trouble keeping my head above water. I felt life was over, I would never be able to eat anything tasty let alone enjoy the rest of my life.

I finally walked into see Daniel and from that moment forward I became a changed man. I guess in short I had 2 choices smarten up or start getting my funeral affairs in order. Well I started the 10 day transformation the next morning and never looked back. I’ve lost an amazing 71 lbs and have kept it off for almost a month…My waist size now is 32″ with no excess overflow and slimming weekly as I exercise. I have an over abundance of energy and a total different mindset. It’s been over a month since I drank a coffee and have had no urges for it or any sort of sugary sweet (beige) junk food.  Funny I quit smoking 6 years ago cold turkey and I am not bothered with the smell but walk by a fast food chain now and I’m like that person. I have also been into see my family Dr. just finishing up the 10 day transformation  and he gave me a 100% clean bill of health. For the first time in years my blood sugars are normal, uric acid levels are normal and I almost forgot my last gallbladder attack was day 3 of the 10 day transformation and I have no pain or discomfort since.  I’ve even cancelled my visit to the surgeon.

To be quite frank I have never been so regimented or committed to something like I have with this program, that’s why I’m starting the 10 day transformation all over again but this time it’s for the whole me…..Thanks Daniel you are an amazing person as is the 10 day transformation program.

David S. released 18 pounds, 9 inches off his waist, 4 inches off his chest and hips!

Finished my 10 Day Transformation on Sunday. In the last 3 days I used some flex items when I was at work just to keep me focused. I lost 9 inches off my waist, 4 inches off chest and off my hips. Weight was not a main concern for me so I don’t have an accurate assessment of that, however after Christmas I was 205 pounds and as of yesterday I weighed 187. I feel great. What an amazing start to the new year and a refocus on creating a balanced healthy diet.

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