Pulsed Electromagnetic Field - PEMF

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is a relaxing, non-invasive cellular therapy renowned for its ability to help restore natural balance to the body.

Every person has a natural electromagnetic field which at times gets interrupted by emotional stress, sleeplessness, illness, pain or by physical trauma such as tissue tear or bone fracture.  PEMF ions interact at the cellular DNA level to aid in the maintenance of good health and to promote the re-balance and revitalization of tissues, organs and bones.

A safe, gentle magnetic field is directed to the body’s cells to stimulate the natural ability to heal, with no down-time or negative side effects.

Long-practiced in Europe, we at Inspired Life Health Centre on Danforth Avenue in Toronto are proud to be one of the first clinics in Ontario to offer this restorative cellular therapy to people of all ages as a complementary holistic addition towards maintaining and balancing overall health.

What to Expect During a PEMF Session at Inspired Life Health Centre

You will lie fully-clothed in a private room on a comfortable table with a soft pillow.

Based on the health information you provide prior to your visit, our trained staff will adjust the pulsed therapy to the correct strength personally suited to you.

There is no pain associated with this therapy, though some people may experience a very light, tingly sensation in places where their body is in most need of repair. If this happens, be assured that your body is reacting naturally.

You can enjoy a quiet time of meditation and may even fall asleep.

Cells respond best when fully-hydrated, therefore it is recommended that you drink water before and after treatment.

For comfort and to allow the ionic waves to move in an optimal, uninterrupted flow, we suggest removing metal jewellery. However, there is no risk if you prefer to keep items on. As well, there is no interaction to magnetized credit card strips or mobile devices should you wish to bring personal belongings into the room.

PEMF can help stimulate the immune system, bolster resistance to disease and be effective in addressing a range of issues including:

  • Pain
  • Circulation
  • Muscle, tissue and bone repair
  • Acne and skin inflammation
  • Migraine
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders

What do I feel during a PEMF session?

The most common sensations during a whole body application are warmth, slight tingling in various areas of the body and a deep feeling of relaxation.

Many users fall asleep during a session. And even if you feel nothing, a lot is happening inside your body. Do not be disappointed if you do not sense the field.

It is incorrect to assume, that no sensation is equal with no effect! Unlike applications, which we can easily detect with our senses, electromagnetic fields are hard to perceive. However, the resonance phenomena create a very pleasant reaction and you will feel its benefits over time if you consistently use PEMF.

Based on the feedback from thousands of users:

  • Only 10% of users feel absolutely nothing during the first couple applications
  • 50% feel pleasant warmth and deep relaxation
  • 40% feel a slight tingling
  • Approximately 20% of the above fall asleep during an application

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I achieve the best results?

  • Drink a glass of water before and after a session. This is CRITICAL for success!
  • While a single PEMF session has its benefits, regular PEMF sessions (2+/week) has been shown to have even greater overall positive effect on the body.
  • Alkalize the body. Try fresh lemon in water in the morning before your PEMF session.
  • Eat more alkalizing foods like green vegetables (especially dark green), fruits, seeds, avocados, and certain nuts like almonds.
  • Avoidance of radical diets, junk food, soft drinks, processed food and fast food.
  • Deliberate deep abdominal breathing during treatment.
  • Be aware of a possible healing crisis (Herxheimer effect) and what to do should you have one (ask us!)
  • Remove metal eyeglasses, metal jewelry, watches, smartphones (just like you are going through airport security).

Are Blankets and Pillows Ok?

  • Yes. For warmth and comfort, it is perfectly fine to lay one blanket over the PEMF mat and even a second blanket over you. The PEMF waves will completely penetrate through anything non-conducting (metallic).
  • We use only small, flat pillows which allows the PEMF waves to reach your body.

When can I expect results?

Everyone is different, therefore, noticeable results will vary from person to person, with some experiencing profound benefits while some maybe notice nothing at all. Whatever your experience is, it is normal and may differ from session to session.

With consistent use of the proper protocols, several benefits will be experienced quickly – primarily more energy, better sleep and pain relief. Most people will see results and improvements within 30 days. Chronic and severe chronic conditions may take longer depending how serious and how long the condition has been present.

Are there any side effects?

In general, the application of low-pulsed electromagnetic fields are free of side effects and the application is well tolerated if the applied field strength is within a secure range in accordance with the respective legal thresholds. The highest intensity level of the iMRS is even lower or equal to the strength of the earth magnetic field and therefore absolutely safe to use. No side effects or interactions are known to date.

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