Inspired Life Health Centre was founded in late 2004, however, before the clinic even had an address, the founders had to choose an optimal location in order to achieve the clinic’s Mission:

To bring our clients to greater levels of health by providing quality health care and education through the introduction of time-tested and proven natural therapies into their health curriculum.

Through the Law of Attraction, a ground floor unit in The Carrot Common beside The Big Carrot Dispensary became available and the founders immediately took action to securing the location.

Within weeks, the old walls came down and the new office began to take shape into what it is today.

Service to the Highest Degree

Serving others is the greatest good and the entire team at Inspired Life follows this philosophy by providing you with the highest level of service possible. This is achieved through proper communication, compassion, education and a true understanding of your health and wellness needs.

Visit our centre today and experience the warmth of our “un-clinic” atmosphere for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.