Holistic Nutrition

Your body was designed to function on proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals obtained through food. Your cells, tissues and organs all require these specific nutrients to perform their function. These should come from the diet. The long-term effects of nutrient deficiencies are what we commonly refer to as chronic disease.

Holistic nutrition identifies nutrient deficiencies and weak areas in the diet. By replenishing nutrients that have become deficient in the body, we essentially give the body the tools it needs to repair itself. A proper diet should therefore form the basis for all forms of treatment, natural or otherwise.

Proper nutrition has endless benefits including increased energy levels, optimal weight maintenance, stress management, improved digestion, protection against heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other chronic illnesses.

Holistic nutrition recognizes that you are unique in your dietary needs and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that suits everyone. By evaluating your current diet, together with your personal constitution, health challenges and emotional wellbeing, a personalized dietary roadmap can be created; steering you toward improved health and restored vitality.

Nutritional counseling includes advice or recommendations for:

  • Learning to choose foods that boost immunity against colds, flu’s and allergies
  • Food selection and preparation
  • Evaluation of nutritional imbalances
  • Sports nutrition and wellness
  • Evaluation of individual food intake and lifestyle habits
  • And more…

Aspects covered under Holistic Nutritional Counselling

  • Nutritional balancing
  • Dietary support
  • Emotional wellness
  • Physical fitness
  • Lifestyle planning
  • Weight management
  • Supplement recommendations

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