Parent Talk: 50 Quick, Effective Solutions to the Most Common Parenting Challenges

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From the Back of the Parent Talk Book:

Your child just won’t go to sleep. Or won’t stop asking “Why?” Or won’t hurry up! You don’t want to discourage their curiousity and self-expression, but…now’s just not the time. And you’re too busy to study an impenetrable parenting manual. How can you teach your kids to behave without compromising their naturally ebullient spirit?

Parent Talk strikes the perfect balance, offering a quick, concise, and light-hearted approach to solving the fifity most common parenting problems – from bossiness and bedwetting to temper tantrums and table manners.

Kids have reasons for their misbehaviour, and identifying those reasons is the key to turning bad behaviour into good habits. Whether your child is after attention, power or, yes, even revenge, Parent Talk will give you practical – and proven – strategies that will turn your home into a peaceful place. With useful checklists of do’s and don’ts, clever and imaginative suggestions, and an understanding style, Parent Talk will be the one guide you turn to when your world is spinning just a little too fast.

About the Authors:

Stanley Shapiro, M.A., is a therapist with a special interest in parenting. he is the founder and administravie director of the Ontario Parenting Education Centre, and is the past director of the Alfred Adler Institute of Ontario and the Adler-Dreikurs’ School for Children. He conducts professional development workshops for teachers across Canada and the U.S., and speaks publicly on parenting and classroom techniques. His daughter, Karen Skinulis, is a Montessori director and was co-director of the Adler-Dreikurs’ School for Children. The mother of two children, she also leads parenting and teacher workshops. Richard Skinulis is the author of five books and writes regularly for corporate clients and magazines.

Product Details:

  • Paperback: 237 pages
  • Publisher: General Publishing Co.; REV edition (2002)
  • Language: English
  • Price: $25.00