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Pregnancy Can Be a Pain in the Buttocks

By Jennifer Abbotts, RMT Pregnancy can be a pain in the buttocks. One of the most common issues that pregnant clients come to see me for is hip and sciatic pain. While this pain can be sourced to a variety of different causes, the most …

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Lifestyle Tips On Increasing Fertility

By Mylinh Nguyen R.TCMP, R.Ac Trying to conceive can be an exciting time for many couples as they embark on the journey to expand their family. It can also be a time of great stress and anxiety for some parents-to-be, as unexpected difficulties may arise. …

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Osteopathy for Pregnancy

Welcome to the second-trimester! During this time, you should know that your baby will be growing from the size of a kiwi fruit to an egg plant. But is that all? Here are some common symptoms during the second-trimester Abdominal discomfort as a result of …

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Life Comes At You Fast-Three Ways to Prevent Stress from leading to a Broken Heart

By Durel Allen MSW, RSW Did you know that it is possible to literally suffer from a broken heart? Stress-Induced Cardiomyopathy (or “Broken Heart Syndrome”) is an actual medical condition characterized by dysfunction of the heart muscle as a result of a release in stress …

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Heart Health and Nutrition

By Danielle Prevost, BA, CNP (Hons.), NNCP With St. Valentine’s heart-laden (and chocolate loaded) day behind us, there’s no better time to talk about the health of our own, and our loved one’s ticker. February is Heart Month, bringing awareness to our cardiovascular well being. …

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A Valentines Day Dinner for your Heart

A Valentine’s Day Dinner for Your Heart It’s here! The pink and red hearts are out in the store windows reminding us Valentine’s Day is approaching. The cynic in me sighs as another holiday’s sugary candies take centre stage. But cynicism aside, I do think …

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