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A Guide to Surviving the Holiday Feast

The holidays are a great time of year to enjoy good company and even better food.  The turkey, mashed potatoes, and pastries are delights that we look to with both desire and dread.  The question we may ask ourselves when considering the holiday fare is “how ...
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Change of Season Soup

Change of Season Soup is a herbal mixture developed to boost the body’s immune system. It is a Chinese blend of several types of dried roots and berries and is ideal whenever the seasons change. Generally speaking, spring and fall are the seasons in which ...
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Pregnancy Massage & Beyond

Throughout the three trimester stages of your pregnancy, you will experience dramatic physical and emotional changes. A prenatal massage can create a supportive environment for you and your growing baby during this time and beyond. It can help alleviate many of these common symptoms, and ...
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A Healthy Pregnancy and Natural Birth – The Importance of Posture and Exercise

A mother in good shape is likely to have a better pregnancy with a less problematic labour and quicker post partum recovery. In many ways it can be compared to running a marathon- would you embark on one without preparing yourself properly? If so would ...
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Chickpea Stew and Coconut Green Juice

As we move into our third week of social distancing, I know it can be a little more difficult to keep up with our healthy routines. Trust me, I am with you! I have been enjoying many more treats than I normally would and I ...
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3 Simple Yoga Poses to Help Reduce Stress

by Keesha McLaren You may not be surprised to hear that yoga is a wonderful practice to promote relaxation and well-being. This modality utilizes the breath and movement to relax and stabilize the mind and invite more ease into the body. Many studies have found ...
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