Top 3 Things Every Weekend Warrior Should Know

By Andrew Chan, Manual Osteopath

For health and also sporting activity lovers, this is a common term utilized for people with 8-to-5 work who rarely play the sport they love and also have the time to do them generally on weekends.

Generally speaking, Weekend Warriors play their guts out to reveal to their peers that they are still a worthwhile opponent…essentially that they still have some fitness in them.

Weekend Warriors play basketball thinking in their minds that they can beat Kawhi Leonard, shut down any challenger that comes along their path, or perhaps run that 100th yard without even breaking a sweat.

Awesome isn’t it? Weekend Warriors are people who subject their inexperienced bodies to strain as well as stress and also are pushing their boundaries to the limits.

So, if you’re a Weekend Warrior, and you’ve had your fair share of aches and pains, this post is for you!

Top 3 Things Every Weekend Warrior Should Know

  1. Warm up for anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes before your activity. Key indications that your body is ready to play is that your body should feel warm and your heart beat should be faster then your resting heart rate.
  2. Stretching should be done after your body is warmed up. Stretch each part of your body that is going to be involved in your activity by holding the stretch for at least 15 seconds, repeating 3 times per body part.
  3. Cool down is very important after your activity. Any slow activity will do, but the easiest would be be a 10 to 20 minute walk. During this cool down period, monitor your heart beat and what you want to see is a slow decline in your heart rate. Once that is achieved, stretch the body part you used more in your workout just like point number 2.

It holds true, professional athletes push themselves beyond the limits in order to run faster, jump greater, and be more powerful. Yet these are professional athletes gifted with a various type of body. One can not see the dangers of being a Weekend Warrior if she or he is not properly trained and warm up the body up before going all out like Superman. 

If you are preparing to repeat the weekend warrior workout, don’t over-exert your body. Start by walking and then progressively change to a faster pace as a day-by-day progression and make sure to follow the 3 points in this article.

Andrew Chan, Manual Osteopath

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