Osteopathy: Growing Pains?

By Clara Yan, D.O.M.P., D.Sc.O

Hey mum-to-be! You are about to embark on this wonderful journey, or maybe you’re already partway or almost at the end, of pregnancy! There is a beautiful life growing inside of you ready to come out into this world!

But are you experiencing some back pain as the baby grows? Or are you finding it more difficult to breathe because the baby is starting to take up more room? Osteopathy can help you with that!

The body functions as one unit. As one area of the body changes, the rest of the body will learn to adapt. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still believed that “our body systems depend upon one another to function, and that maintenance of the body in its proper alignment improves the body’s function and its ability to maintain health” (Tasker, 1916). This philosophy does not change when a woman becomes pregnant. In fact, this philosophy becomes more apparent at that time.

The story doesn’t stop there though! Of course osteopathy can help ensure that your organs and structures are properly aligned to allow for proper fluid flow and function during pregnancy, but there is work to be done after delivery as well! The area in which the baby once occupied is now void and your organs are no longer pushed aside. An osteopathic manual practitioner can help ensure that your organs are functioning optimally again!

Your new bundle of joy should also live a life free of strains and stressors! You might be thinking, “what kind of stress does this baby have at this point in time?” Depending on how the delivery went, the cranium and the rest of the body undergoes an immense amount of compression as they come out of the womb. You might also notice if your baby is colicky, or unable to latch, or has discomfort looking one way for example. Your body is very smart and learns how to adapt to certain pulls and stressors even from a young age. Seeking out an osteopathic manual practitioner right from the beginning allows the baby, infant, and child to move more freely without having to adapt to injuries along the way!

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