Homeopathy and Dental Treatment

By Nanette Basic, B.A., Hom. and Meridian Stress Assessement Technician

Homeopathic treatment of acute tooth pain is most effective when remedies are given on the basis of the symptoms being experienced at the time.

Dosing depends on the intensity of the symptoms but giving the remedy in 30C potency as a single dose should give relief. The dose can be repeated if the pain recurs.

The fundamental principle of Homeopathy is “Like cures Like”. This means one can treat individuals with medicines that are capable of producing in a healthy person similar symptoms to those experienced in a sick person. For example, drinking coffee can CAUSE insomnia but used in the homeopathic form, coffea is often used to TREAT insomnia. Therefore, look at the remedies that closest match your symptoms.

Byronia Alba

Injured teeth. Blows to the teeth. Loose teeth. Dentition. Stitching pains, worse moving even distant parts of the body therefore worse with motion. The pain can go from one tooth to the other.

Coffea Cruda

Microfractures. The pain is excruciating. Worse at night, causing insomnia. Worse with hot food or drinks. Better with cold drinks.

Hepar Sulph

Tooth abscesses, loose teeth. Severely painful infections. Intense, sharp pain. Better with warm applications.


Tooth infections with offensive breath, salivation and a dirty tongue. Deteriorated fillings with offensive or metallic taste in the mouth. Painful swelling extending to half of the face and throbbing pains in the tooth.


For cavities in young children. Fractured or crumbling teeth, black teeth. Gums are spongy and inflamed. Sharp pains in decayed teeth. Throbbing and/or tearing pains.


First aid remedy for injuries to the teeth. After dental extractions, fillings or other dental procedures.


Usually starts around 6 months to 2 ½ years old. The symptoms usually include unexplained crying, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, swollen gums and increased drooling. Children’s remedies can be crushed with a metal spoon and licked off finger or rubbed onto gums, or pellets dissolved in water.


This is the most important teething remedy. The pain is unbearable accompanied by irritability. Sore gums. Pain worse at night, warm food or drink and cold air.

Antimonium Crudum

After chamomilla, this is the best teething remedy. Symptoms include sensitive teeth that cannot be touched because of the pain. Worse in the evening or night and if the bed is hot.


Sudden, intense, throbbing toot pain. Mouth is hot and dry. Worse in the evening or night.

Calcarea Carbonica

Slow or difficult dentition. Swollen gums and mouth. Grinds gums. Restless and crying at night. Colic, watery diarrhea, distension, gas, nausea, vomiting.

Calcarea Phosphorica

Delayed or difficult dentition with whining and moaning.


Difficult teething. Tooth pain is better when biting gums together. Grinding of gums and head perspiration during their sleep with a cold face.


Difficult teething. Sharp, stabbing pains. Gums are pale white, very tender, swollen, bleeding, burning. Early decay of new teeth.

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