Summer Travel Homeopathic Essentials: PART 2

By Nanette Basic, B.A., Hom

In Part 1 we discussed several homeopathic remedies for common issues that may arise with travel, such as motion sickness, jet lag, food poisoning and traveller’s diarrhea. Here are a few more remedies listed that you may find useful on your weekend or holiday away this summer.

Let’s recap how Homeopathy works. The fundamental principle of Homeopathy is “Like cures Like”.  This means one can treat individuals with medicines that are capable of producing in a healthy person similar symptoms to those experienced in a sick person.  For example, drinking coffee can CAUSE insomnia but used in the homeopathic form, coffea is often used to TREAT insomnia.  Therefore, look at the remedies that closest match your symptoms.

Bone, Bruises, and Wound Injuries

Outdoor activities and sports is a summer staple but no matter how careful we are we can sometimes end up with some bumps and bruises.  Whether it be bruises, broken bones, nosebleeds or black eyes, the remedies below will help speed up the healing process.

Arnica Montana 30C

This is the most popular treatment for new injuries, especially bruises and sprains. Given immediately after the injury occurs, it can help reduce pain, inflammation, and bruising.  It is helpful with head injuries and concussions as well.

Phosphorus 30C  

This is the most popular treatment for nosebleeds. It helps with small wounds that bleed easily; excessive bleeding; and scars which break open and bleed.

Ledum palustre 30C

This is the most popular treatment for a black eye caused by any blunt object.  It helps with puncture wounds such as stepping on nails; open wounds; wounds with infection; coldness of injured parts and pain relieved by cold applications.

Calendula 30C  

Helps with open wounds with marked capillary bleeding; lacerated wounds; early stages of infection with whitish pus draining from a closed wound; and wounds that don’t heal.

Indication:  Take 3 pellets every 2 to 4 hours, reassess after 3 doses; wait for symptoms to worsen before repeating.  Repeat up to 3 days.  Stop once symptoms have improved.

Insect Bites and Stings

The summer likes to bring about those pesky insects and it is inevitable to get a bite or two but if the symptoms are unbearable try the following.

Apis mellifica 30C

This is the most popular treatment for insect bites and stings.  Helps with swollen, itching, burning skin, relieved by cold applications.

Ledum palustre 30C

Helps with swelling and itching of mosquito bites; from larger insects and wasps; with nerve pain around the bite/sting.

Urtica urens 30C

Helps with reddish blotches; burning; intense itching.  It is also a useful remedy for hives that sting and itch.

Indication:  Take 3 pellets every 2 to 4 hours, reassess after 3 doses; wait for symptoms to worsen before repeating.  Repeat up to 3 days.  Stop once symptoms have improved.

Sun Burns

Typically, a sunburn includes redness, pain, swelling and warmth of the affected skin, blisters and general fatigue. Itching, peeling or rash may also occur as the ailment progresses.

Urticaria Urens 30C

Helps with stinging, burning pain; violent itching; worse from cold applications.

Cantharis 30C

Helps with serious, painful burns; second and third degree burns; raw sensation; blisters; better from cold applications which cannot be removed for a second without the pain returning.

Causticum 30C

Helps with serious and deep burns that blister and ooze; burns that are not healing well; cold air aggravates; physical weakness.

Indication:  Take 3 pellets every 2 hours until pain is reduced, then as needed. Repeat up to 3 days.  Stop once symptoms have improved.


A sunstroke/heatstroke is due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures where the body is unable to return to its normal temperature.  A sunstroke/heatstroke is a medical emergency and children and the elderly are most susceptible.  Symptoms include body temperature of 40 degrees celsius or higher, feeling very hot, a fast pulse rate, extreme thirst, headache, confusion, feeling irritated or anxious, rapid, shallow breathing and possible convulsions.  Rehydrate with electrolytes and seek immediate medical attention.

Aconite 30C

This is the most popular treatment for sunstroke/heatstroke.  Helps with sudden rise in temperature; face becomes red; intense thirst for cold water; one who becomes anxious, fearful and restless.

Belladonna 30C

Helps with throbbing and shooting headache with flushed face; fever; hot, dry skin; hot flushed face but the body is cold especially the hands and feet; blood shot eyes; visible throbbing of the carotids; nausea and vomiting.

Natrum Carbonicum 30C

Helps with severe headache; debility and exhaustion; confusion; with vertigo.

Indication:  Give every 15 minutes until medical help can be obtained.

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