The Joy of Touch

Touch is a unique form of communication. It has been around since the dawn of time and is still one of the most common and effective methods of communication within the animal kingdom and between humans today.

Friends and loved ones have forgotten how to hug one another.  Many people prefer to shake hands or smile at one another in order to shun off the warm embrace of another person.  In my opinion, I believe that the human arms and physical touch have become redundant in today’s society when it comes to successful communication techniques.  And that is one reason why I am a Reflexologist.

When you are feeling stressed or “under the weather” and someone gives you a big warm hug, doesn’t it make things better almost immediately?  It is the embrace and exchange of positive energies which is creating an emotional and chemical shift within your body.

Your positive energy can be used to overcome someone else’s negative energy, and therefore, you can change the energy field of a willing person so that they feel increasingly energized.  You can boost the energy of another person more effectively if you can touch the other person; a hug, a pat on the shoulder, or holding their hand.  This is what we do with our loved ones.

This is the exchange of positive human energy.

This is what Reflexology is about.

Reflexology is considered a “non verbal communication or expression”. Whether it is to boost your immune system, provide comfort in illness, relieve stress or depression. The greatest benefit of Reflexology is allowing each and every person to experience the positive joy of touch through reflex points on their feet.

After a Reflexology treatment, clients feel an overwhelming feeling of tranquility and balance.  Some say that they “can’t believe that their body had the ability to relax” or that “it was a long time since they had felt that peaceful”.

The therapeutic touch of a Reflexology treatment will get your body and mind relaxed, but it will also communicate with your organ systems to work more efficiently, thus improving your health and allowing you to live the life you want.

Reflexology is a joyful experience that everyone should have.

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