Reflexology for Stressful Times

In today’s hectic pace, many of us are familiar with stress and its prolonged strain on our bodies.  Stress is often defined as a fight or flight response, useful for our ancestors to combat a threat in the wild and help them flee to safety.  Today, we respond to perceived danger in much the same way except we are not confronting a ferocious saber-toothed tiger about to attack.  Instead, we face events such as work deadlines, traffic jams, financial worries, family pressures, and other general feelings of being out of control while facing the world and all of its problems.

Stress confronts us on many levels on a daily basis.  The stress response reverberates throughout our entire body – the level of adrenaline in the bloodstream is increased, your heart rate quickens, your breathing becomes shallower, your blood vessels on the skin’s surface contract causing your hairs to stand erect, your blood pressure rises, digestion and intestinal processes shut down, your muscles tense up, and your stomach tightens.  After all of these events, which occur in seconds, the body is now prepared for a short burst of heightened activity.  This is great for those acute moments which require your body to operate in this manner.  However, in our modern day lives over a long period of time, our body may become depleted and run down.

Stress is a normal factor of life, but we shouldn’t allow it to control our lives and our health.  One successful key to combating stress is through relaxation.  There are many ways to achieve a relaxed state such as deep breathing, regular exercise (a natural de-stressor), yoga, massage, meditation and hypnosis.  Reflexology is also a guaranteed method to achieve a relaxed state of both body and mind.

After a client’s first Reflexology treatment, they are often surprised at the immediate relaxing effects of reflexology.  Many actually doze off to sleep.  Numerous people are amazed that “the kink in my neck is gone” or “my headache has disappeared”.  These are but two minor areas which reflexology can successfully handle.

By working on the feet, all areas of the body can be accessed.  This allows the body to rebalance itself naturally.  A relaxed and balanced body can heal itself quite efficiently.  Reflexology works by unblocking energy pathways, increasing blood supply, cleansing the body of toxins while giving the receiver an overall peaceful state of mind.

Reflexology can also alleviate many other symptoms of stress, including headaches, colds, high blood pressure, eyestrain, indigestion and backaches.  Reflexology is a preventative health method that we may all benefit from using on a regular basis.  With the added strain on our immune system these days, we should all make the time for ourselves to unwind and take care of our bodies.

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