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Are you dealing with pain on a daily basis?

Research shows that 1/3 of Canadians are living in pain on a daily basis, and what’s worse is that most of these people have accepted it as normal.

A lot of people decide to turn to medications or surgeries as their way of dealing with the pain. What people need to understand is that if they invest in their health today many of these problems may be avoided. Most massage therapists recommend getting 1 massage treatment a month to treat acute injuries and most importantly help to prevent them. While affective for many people, results may still vary.  But think about it, spending $80 a month could possibly prevent you from chronic injury which could prevent having to take sick days and prevent you from having to spend countless dollars on numerous medications. What some people are not aware of are the serious affects these medications have on your kidneys and liver and the potential side effects that can occur.  Did you know that the pain you are experiencing can actually be a common side effect of the drug you are taking?

Did you know that back pain is the most common cause of job related disability? There are many options for people that have chronic, daily pain. One of these options is massage therapy. Until recently massage has been thought of as only a relaxation tool or a “feel good” treatment. Although it has been shown to be very relaxing it has also become more accepted as a legitimate therapeutic health care practice. Unfortunately massage therapy is not covered under our Ontario health care plan (OHIP) and ranges around $80 for a one hour session, which discourages people from seeking treatment but there is a lot to say with regard to this investment in health.

So you just have to ask yourself the following question: What would you rather spend your money on? Hiding your signs and symptoms or avoiding them all together?

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