How Homeopathy and The Secret Can Change Your Life

‘The Secret’ powerfully reminds us that Life is really about Energy.  Everything we see in this physical universe—from the car driving down the street, to that jean jacket in the store window that you fancy, to your body, and to the money (or lack thereof!) you have in the bank, to name some examples#-is comprised of energy, at its most fundamental level.  And there are no exceptions to this!  The map of the universe is essentially one huge, energetic blueprint!

‘The Secret’ also tells us how Energy moves to make events happen in the outer world.  It does this via the ‘Law of Attraction’.   Essentially what this means is that like attracts like.  So when it comes to creating the life that you want, you must essentially become that which you seek—in other words, you act as if you already have that which you are wanting.  Only then will you be putting out the right energy or vibration to attract what you want into your life.  It is as if you become like a magnet to draw your object of desire to you.

So how does The Secret relate to Homeopathy?

Simply put, homeopathic medicine helps revitalize the mind and body at an energetic level so that the vibration you are emitting is stronger, clearer and healthier so that you can create more of what you want in life.

Homeopathic medicine operates on the principle that each human body has its own, unique, energetic blueprint.  This ‘blueprint’ is like the master template for health in the body.  It is the organizing principle that guides all of our physical and mental growth and development and allows for homeostasis to occur (on a day to day, moment to moment basis) in the body.

Ill health or disease is merely a disruption or distortion in the bodies’ energy blueprint resulting in signs and symptoms—physical, mental and emotional.  If we can make a correction at the level of the disturbance—vis-à-vis—a homeopathic remedy, an optimal energy state, which we call ‘health’, can be restored.  Homeopathic remedies are specifically chosen to match the information your dissonant/weakened ‘blueprint’ is giving out.  When administered, the remedies help shift the disturbance back into a harmonious flow, so that symptoms disappear—because they’ve been treated at the root cause.

Homeopathic medicine helps bring you back into alignment with your basic nature, which is one of well-being, so that you can get on with the adventure of living!!

Have fun creating the life of your dreams!!!

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