Handmade, Locavore Frozen Yogurt


  • 2 cups fresh local strawberries
  • 1 cup fresh local cream/ almond Milk (homemade, see below)
  • Honey (local preferred)
  • 1 container, bio K+ (Probiotic) (dairy free if preferred).Container is small.


  • Blend together fresh berries, cream/almond milk, honey and probiotic, until very smooth with blender.
  • If you want chunks of fresh berries, add a handful of berries only, to blender and lightly blend until in pieces, don’t puree – add to mixture.
  • Freeze 20-30 minutes.
  • Spoon into serving cups.
  • Decorate with fresh mint.


  • Create mixture as per above.
  • Split mixture into equal ½ – 1 cup parts and place in individual baggies.zip-seal shut, tightly.
  • Fill a large freezer size baggie ¾ full with ice.
  • Allow you kids to place small cream filled baggie in larger ice filled baggie and zip shut securely.
  • Allow your kids to shake by hand 15 minutes at the table till it turns to ice cream in there very own hands!

Healthy, homemade and at least 95% local and seasonal, you and your kids can enjoy amazing summer desserts and feel good about it in more ways than one!

PROBIOTICS are healthy bacteria that live in our guts naturally – we need them to maintain strong digestion, assimilation and elimination; Our guts ARE our immune systems, and in keeping with a strong immune function, we need to create a healthy environment for our kids and ourselves to thrive, not just survive!

This dessert is Local, Fresh, antioxidant, fiber and protein rich AND loaded with friendly flora!

We'll Help You Feel Better Inside and Out

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