Breast Massage for Healthier Breasts Part 2

Breast health is an important consideration in overall body wellness. The breast tissues have very specific needs, needs which are often overlooked and neglected in our daily life. Breasts are specialized glands that are comprised of specific lobes, ducts, soft tissues and a rich lymphatic supply.

One of the most important considerations in breast health is the breasts drainage pattern. Tight fitting clothes and bras impede our body’s natural ability to allow this drainage to occur in an optimal manner.

Breast massage, through self-treatment or by an experienced therapist, can assist in optimizing these patterns and contributing to the complete health of our breasts. Breast massage can assist by removing drainage obstructions, increasing overall relaxation, and decreasing restrictions that cause breathing difficulties. It is also a healthy way of monitoring your breasts for changes.

Massage can greatly decrease the intensity of pain while helping to minimize future problems. It is important to achieve optimal movement through the rebounding action of the tissues when we perform such activities such as walking, jumping, or when actively manipulated or massaged.

With the accelerating incidence of breast cancer and benign breast conditions there is an increasing need to respect the needs of our breasts as we would any other tissue in our bodies.

Breasts are part of a woman’s body that need to be honored and cared for and learning more about breast massage can be a way to start this process.

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