Daniel Chiang RHN, ROHP, RNCP

Meridian Stress Assessment

daniel_chiangDaniel Chiang is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Certified Meridian Stress Assessment Technician and EFT practitioner.  He is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Since 2004, Daniel has helped thousands of clients improve their physical and other health imbalances by correcting 3 keys areas in their lives:

  1. Physical wellness
  2. Chemical/nutritional wellness

Daniel has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals from healthy weight loss and management, healing the digestive system, managing and controlling cravings, or building a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. His style and approach is customized toward each client’s uniqueness, resulting in fast and sustainable results.

With a passion in both health and technology, Daniel has helped to better the lives of the people around him utilizing his education, natural abilities and passion for health. He has worked throughout North America with clients ranging from busy 9-to-5 corporate office workers, children and high level professional athletes.

Daniel is also available for inspirational speaking engagements, corporate workshops and group classes. Please contact Inspired Life Health Centre for more information.

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