Osteopathy is a system of physical medicine utilising a manual (hands on) approach to release strain, abnormal tension and restriction in the body. Osteopathy looks at the relationship between the structure (muscles, bones, connective tissue and nerves) and the bodies function (organs, glands, fluids). The body is a unit for Osteopaths, and if the structure is well balanced, so are the internal functions, including the mind and emotions. Osteopathy seeks to help the bodies self- healing abilities to function at optimum performance by removing any blockages in systems to allow health to restore good function and balance.

It has wide applications; Osteopaths are expert in spinal and neuro-musculoskeletal health concerns and using advanced palpatory skill (feeling the body) Osteopaths can influence organ & internal health.

Osteopathy can help with:

  • Back Pain
  • Migraine / Headache, shoulder, neck, muscle and joint dysfunction
  • Whiplash
  • Sports injuries
  • Work related posture pain and Stress management
  • Arthritic / Osteoporotic pain
  • Stomach pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Pre & Post Natal Back / Pelvic pain
  • Colicky, unsettled babies, sleeping difficulties, feeding difficulties
  • Children’s health issues; glue ear, ADD / ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and many more

What happens during a treatment?

The patient’s medical history is taken alongside a full physical examination including any orthopaedic and neurological tests that might be necessary.

The Osteopath’s skill lies in their highly trained ability to observe any imbalances in the body and to feel tension whether in the spine, the joints, or within the delicate balance of the cranium (skull).

Back pain, Headaches and Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) are 3 of the most common complaints in the adult population and respond well to Osteopathy.

There are many causative factors some of which can be found in posture, or an event that affected posture, others that are rooted in stress and the bodies’ inability to cope with it.

Osteopathy can treat a wide range of complaints new and long standing.

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