Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is a system of tapping on acupuncture points to rebalance the body’s energies. The concept of EFT is that all emotional problems and pains, no matter how justified, are due to an energy imbalance within the body. The event that initiated the emotion may be long since over, but according to EFT, the reason a person may not be able to “get over it” is because the energy disturbance continues to remain. Therefore, EFT serves to rebalance that energy, by stimulating certain acupuncture points, not by using needles or deep pressure, but by tapping on them. Generally speaking, the extent to which a problem has its roots in the emotions is the extent to which EFT will help. It is important to remember that many stubborn health problems, surprisingly enough, have an emotional root. This is not to say, however, that it’s merely “all in your head.” Often emotions which are not properly dealt with and released become expressed as actual physical symptoms in the body.

If you are dealing with emotions which seem to be controlling you, instead of the other way around, Emotional Freedom Techniques may be the answer for you.

What Happens in an EFT Session?

Your initial EFT session is performed in a private one-on-one session with the practitioner. The purpose of this session is to:

  • introduce you to EFT and how it can help you
  • teach you the simple steps involved in performing EFT on yourself
  • prove to you how powerful EFT is and show you instant results within the session

Subsequent sessions are used to enhance EFT for yourself and to work through any roadblocks that you may come across.

Is there a discounted package available?

We have a 3-session package available at a discounted rate, which includes your initial session and 2 followup sessions.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Introduction Video

Still not sure what EFT is and how powerful of a tool it can be in your life? Watch the following 7 minute video and see how others have found amazing results after they introduced EFT into their lives.

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